Using Royalty Free Images


By Daniel Gossage


Many people ask me ‘Where can I get Royalty Free Images, I do not want to pay for them’?

My first reply is that you are best to use your own. Use your mobile phone to take snaps or better still keep a Digital SLR camera nearby.

Failing that I have decided to add a small list of the sites that I use. I am not affiliated to them in any way.

Blogging Income Booster

The Ten Commandments?

By Daniel Gossage

Here is a great eye-catching infographic that I stumbled upon whilst browsing the internet. What a great way of getting your ideas across. It contains 10 ideas, on ways of boosting your blogging income.

Some of the ideas are great, whilst others are not so great.

I decided to post it to my blog and share it with you. I have also commented my thoughts on these 10 ideas below. Please feel free to comment on them yourself.


Blogger Infographic1 Blogging Income Booster

So here we go, starting in a clockwise direction from the top left hand corner;

‘Becoming An Authority’

Listen to The Peoples Voices

By Daniel Gossagegoogle+ Becoming An Authority

One of the best ways to become accepted as an authority and also get your name known at the same time is to read peoples comments, not only in your own circles but, also in your competitors. Try and find recent comments on peoples problems and answer them. A little research will help you find great answers. This will help to position yourself as an expert. This will help gain peoples trust as they realise that you know what you are on about.

Making New Friends With Google+

Making New Friends With Google+

By Daniel Gossagegoogle+ 1 Making New Friends With Google+

Google+ allows you to find an unlimited amount of people that are interested in your niche.

All you need to do is spend 10 – 20 minutes daily carrying out a few search queries and contact like minded people. The reason that I say like minded people is that it will do you no good spending your time trying to build trusting relationships with people that are not at all interested in your ‘niche’. It really is no good building an endless list of contacts if they have no interest at all in what you are offering!

Google+ and Your Niche Market

Google+ Where Your Market Hangs Out

By Daniel Gossage

Now you have your Google+ account set up and ready to roll you need to go where your niche market hangs out. The easiest way to do this is to join two or three like minded communities. The easiest way to do this is click on the communities tab which is on the left hand side menu bar. You can then search fore like minded communities using keywords that are associated with your niche.

Creating a Compelling Google+ Profile

The All Important Google+ Profile

By Daniel Gossage


When creating your profile you need to realise that Google+ is a Social Media Platform and not a Social Marketing Tool. So many people fail to realise this. So make sure that you do not make this, ‘Big’ mistake.

If you want to get the most out of Google+ you need to treat it as such and not try marketing to people. Make sure that you do not try to market anything! Sounds crazy but, it’s true!

Google+ and Social Media


By Daniel Gossage

secret 150x150 Google+ and Social Media

At the time of writing this post Google+ is the hottest thing in ‘Social Media’. The site already has almost 500 million users! That is within two years. Google+ is going to be a major player in the ‘Social Media’ arena very soon.

Google+ is at the forefront of new developments in ‘Social Marketing’. If you haven’t already joined Google+ now is the perfect time. If you are serious about promoting your, ‘Brand’, Google+ is the place to be.

List Building ‘MANIA’

 List Builders

By Daniel Gossage

List Builders have established themselves as a very powerful marketing tool. Many professional marketers have turned to them as they are a great and easy way of generating leads, building lists and making more sales.

No Pain No Gain

No Pain No Gain !!!

By Daniel Gossage

It is important to realize that you need to drill down deep into a niche. Simply trying to cover a niche completely is a big mistake. Make sure that you specialize in an area such as, ‘How to build a rock hard 6 pack’ (Abdomen). The reason that I chose to use the 6 pack as an illustration is that everybody has heard of this sub-niche in the health and fitness niche. This is a highly specialized area. Get well known here and you will not believe the amount of money that will come rolling in!

Your Product Your Niche

Choosing The Right Product In The Right Niche…

By Daniel Gossageniche Your Product Your Niche

This is where many internet marketers will lead you on a, ‘Wild Goose Chase’. They will tell you to search for a hot product on Clickbank or to target a, ‘New Hot Product Launch’. Now do not get me wrong, you may be able to make money promoting one of these products but, a more sure and simple way is to realize that there are three, Red Hot Smoking’ niches and you need to be in at least one of them!

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